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    Raises part of pay reform

    Critics of the Republican-led General Assembly allege that the teacher-pay raise included in this year’s state budget could have been implemented in a much simpler fashion: by giving across-the-board hikes to all rather than giving large raises to early-career teachers and relatively small...


    My first letter to my kid at college

    After dropping our daughter off at college last weekend, I told her I would email her soon. Here’s what I wrote:


    Trusted to provide hope

    While on vacation recently, I had the rare opportunity to read a novel. In it, two of the characters were having a conversation in which one said to the other, “Like most things that last, trusting is a process.” I could not read on without pondering the power in that statement as ...


    Why the secrecy on SSS talks?

    Wednesday’s edition of the Smithfield Herald had a story about the latest meeting of the group pushing Johnston County school leaders to improve academic performance at Smithfield-Selma High School. The story was harder to report than one might imagine.


    Economists split on whether inflation is a real worry

    Two of the key concerns in our economy are unemployment and inflation. We want both to be low. When unemployment is low, more people have jobs and earn income. When inflation is low, the dollars we earn don’t lose their purchasing power as quickly. That is, our dollars buy more with low inflation...


    Churches no longer shun divorcees

    The other day, I was talking to a friend, a religious man, whose son is facing divorce. Not knowing much about my friend’s faith, I asked if his church frowned on divorce.


    Making laws is hard

    Lawmaking ain’t easy, even with strong Republican majorities in the House and Senate and a Republican in the Executive Mansion.


    Letter: Inspiring things come in small packages

    As Smithfield’s public works director, I’ve helped numerous scouts – boys and girls – with projects for merit badges, the Eagle award, etc.


    Letter: Student thanks his high school

    With my freshman year behind me, I wanted to thank the faculty and staff at Smithfield-Selma High School for an awesome year.


    A huge issue lies ahead

    Decades from now, when schoolchildren in North Carolina look back on 2014, they might hear about the massive coal-ash spill into the Dan River and subsequent legislation requiring cleanup of Duke Energy coal-ash ponds.

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