Anne Snyderman Gittleman

June 12, 2013 

Anne Snyderman Gittleman, of NYC and East Hampton, NY was born in Antwerp, Belgium, while her parents, Isadore and Bessie Snyderman, were en route from Russia to the United States. They sailed to Philadelphia and eventually settled in New York City, where Bessie then gave birth to a son, Theodore.

The early years were a struggle for the young family. In time, however, her father translated his passion for history into a career as a numismatist, collecting one coin at a time, and later whole collections, that would later be featured at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. , and his expertise was sought at auctions and in magazines such as Town and Country. The family’s elegant small store on 59th Street sold estate jewelry, silver, miniature paintings, and Faberge treasures.

Anne worked in the store with her parents, and attended NYU. She was introduced to Irwin Gittleman by a mutual friend, and they married in 1948. They had two children, Chester and Barbara, raised by Anne while Irwin opened pharmacies in NY, including the Carlyle and the Duplex.

Returning to graduate school in her 50s, Anne received an MA in Special Education from Hunter College. She taught at the Center for Multiple Handicapped Children in Harlem until her retirement. She then volunteered at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Manpower Resources (“2nd Careers” program) and the Museum of Modern Art. Anne relished family celebrations, and loved music, art, and the values imparted by Judaism (e.g., she also faithfully volunteered with Passover Outreach.)

Anne adored and is survived by her son, Chester, daughter-in-law Sheryl, and granddaughter, Jennifer, of Roslyn, NY; and her daughter, Barbara, son-in-law Mark Hainline, grandson, Ian, and granddaughter, Rachel, of Chapel Hill, NC. Her children and grandchildren cherished her in return. She is also survived by her brother Theodore, his wife Pat, sons Matthew (wife Marion and daughter Rachel), and Peter, of San Francisco, CA; sisters-in-law Phyllis Rottenberg (and family Lana, Piers, Eta, and Amanda) and Mildred Ness (family David, Roberta, Joel and Sara; and Paul and Pamela.)

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