Out of the mouth of Mason

Artsweek: Out of the mouth of Mason

June 25, 2013 

Monday open mic nights at The Station with “Danny Magic” Mason have gotten write-ups in every regional publication, chiefly upon the strength of Mason’s ability to rock out in any musical situation.

Danny Magic is a true paragon of Carrboro, the sort of character Hunter Thompson would describe as “one of God’s own prototypes.” Drummer, singer and fantastic showman, Mason is either as crazy as he comes across or some kind of savant.

Rock music leans heavily on its own self-created mythology, and on this strength Danny Mason already embodies some kind of immortal standing. When not providing backing rhythms for various sign-ons, the velour-suited host often stands out front making up extravagant lyrics off the top of his head, bawling them like David Lee Roth before a hundred thousand screaming fans.

Helped by a coterie of pretenders to the throne such as Chris Young and David Mackenzie, Danny Magic takes the conception of open-mic night to latitudes your ears might not be ready for. With the speaker level pushing 11, it might be necessary to find succor on the porch.

That’s OK. Out there, you’re likely to encounter Danny taking a break between acts, and if you are lucky, engage him in conversation, which can devolve into a sort of prose poetry all its own. Superstardom has escaped Danny Mason for now, but any Monday night in Carrboro, some of that magic might rub off on you.

When: 8 p.m. Mondays

Where: The Station, 201 E. Main St., Carrboro

Tickets: FREE

Info: 919-967-1967

Correspondent Tom Hartwell

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