Rabbis denounce ‘extremist’ policy making

From staff reportsJune 25, 2013 

Several rabbis, from pulpits around North Carolina, have added their voices to the growing chorus of faith leaders calling on legislators to back away from what they call “extremist policy-making.”

Signing on to an open statement of support, the rabbis write:

“It is our view that the current General Assembly has failed in its pursuit of justice. It has purposelessly prevented 500,000 North Carolinians from obtaining health care; slashed education funding for the poorest children in the state; proposed a tax policy that will further burden poor families, while offering tax breaks to the wealthy; singled out immigrants for special legal harassment; and attempted to restrict the voting rights of thousands of North Carolinians.”

Many Jewish clergy have appeared at previous Moral Mondays. Rabbi John Friedman of Judea Reform, in Durham, and Rabbi Jen Feldman of Kehillah Synagogue, in Chapel Hill, have spoken publicly at the rallies.

The rabbis signing on to this letter, which was coordinated by Carolina Jews for Justice, represent four different denominations, a wide cross-section of the Jewish population in North Carolina.

The open statement was released in conjunction with the June 10 “People of Faith” Moral Monday.

Carolina Jews for Justice is a nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy network for Jewish North Carolinians based in the Triangle.

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