Four on the Fourth winners

July 5, 2013 

Four on the Fourth winners

2013 Carrboro 4-mile race

Division Winner Time
Overall Fem.Kristin Sellers24:41.75
Overall MaleBrock Baker19:48.76
Masters Fem.Leslie Morgan26:02.50
Masters MaleColin Jones22:28.76
9&U FNora Daley36:32.36
9&U MLucas Daley28:38.13
10-14 FGracie Morris28:38.86
10-14 MJonathan Timothy25:28.51
15-19 FElise Matera29:16.11
15-19 MBennett Goss25:50.76
20-24 MBobby Torphy21:00.50
20-24 FJenna Goodwin25:43.01
25-29 FSarah Todd26:06.26
25-29 MJordan Zwick20:40.25
30-34 MTim Surface20:53.77
30-34 FMelissa Cunningham26:00.51
35-39 MGeorge Linney22:23.02
35-39 FMeredith Bazemore26:14.50
40-44 MWill Mcdow24:51.25
40-44 FJessica Lee30:42.86
45-49 MSteve Mele24:50.26
45-49 FHarriet Kinyamu33:07.14
50-54 MGary Slade24:42.25
50-54 FKathy Matera30:08.61
55-59 FVivian Li 34:16.10
55-59 MDavid Couper25:44.53
60-64 MGary Moss26:03.01
60-64 FHelen Mcadams32:09.60
65-69 MRichard Kohrman30:33.13
65-69 FSheelagh Anderson 40:07.61
70&up MJerry Harris35:04.09
70&up FLouise Guardino41:57.59

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