Recreation notes, July 14

July 12, 2013 

Bulldogs excel at championship

The Bouncing Bulldogs dominated the junior and the senior divisions of the third annual World Jump Rope Championships and Camp at the University of Central Florida.

The Chapel Hill team earned 153 gold medals, 88 silver and 60 bronze medals for a total of 301 medals, in addition to other awards.

Teams from 14 countries and 15 states within the U.S. competed in up to 18 events, including speed, freestyle, and group-shows in single-rope and Double Dutch.

“Competition was really cool because we got to see our hard work pay off when my group did well in our events,” said Jordyn Watkins.

Several of the younger Bouncing Bulldogs team members earned medals over older jumpers; still Holly Copeland was impressed by the acrobatic skills of the older competitors. She liked watching the older kids do flips with their ropes, while other team members appreciated the variety that a world championship brings.

“I enjoyed watching the different styles of jump rope other teams displayed, and seeing the older groups from our team do well,” said Anna Furlong.

Coach Ray Fredrick said in his 29 years of coaching this may be the best the team has performed.

“We came to World Jump Rope to do our best and have our hard work pay off,” team member Ilana Fried.

Golf tourney aids cancer center

The Governors Club Women’s Golf Association donated proceeds from its annual Golf for the Pink Tournament to Cornucopia Cancer Support Center.

The $14,000 contribution will help ensure anyone journeying with cancer has access to non-clinical support services including peer and group support, energy body work, informational resources and programs, counseling, and That Cancer Show™.

Information about these services is available online at or by calling 919-401-9333.

Durham woman wins jiu-jitsu medal

Kim Rice, a speech therapist by day, won the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship last month, taking gold medal in her blue belt weight class.

Rice entered the tournament as the No. 2 ranked competitor in the world at her belt rank. This year, she also won gold at the Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship in New York City and the Abu Dhabi Pro Submission Grappling Trials in Miami, Fla., both major international tournaments.

And Rice won in style. Jiu-jitsu tournaments are won either by points, which are scored based on a competitor achieving dominant positions, or by submission, where a competitor forces an opponent to give up due to a choke hold or joint lock. Rice won each of her five matches by submission, a rare achievement.

Rice trains at Triangle Jiu-Jitsu in Durham, a member of Team Royce Gracie. Royce Gracie is a legendary martial artist who revolutionized martial arts competition by going undefeated during the first four Ultimate Fighting Championship events. Gracie’s wins highlighted the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the world stage.

“Kim is one of the hardest-working students I’ve ever coached, and this year all that work paid off,” said Seth Shamp, Rice’s instructor at Triangle Jiu-Jitsu in Durham. “Kim is not only a great competitor, bu an excellent ambassador for the sport. In the academy she represents everything Triangle Jiu-Jitsu stands for. Dedication, humility, kindness and are hard work are some of the qualities that have made her a world champion.”

In her weight class, Rice beat a field of 14 competitors. Perhaps as impressive, Rice also entered the “absolute” division, which has no weight classes, and took a bronze medal. Her only loss in the tournament was to Carolina Vieira, sister of black belt world champion Rodolfo Vieira.

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