The place to be, no matter the floor

Artsweek: West End Wine Bar, good for what ales you

July 23, 2013 

Jermaine Landon hosts a social night Thursdays on the West End Wine Bar's roof that is an alternative to the club scene for an older LGBTQ crowd.


Thursday, the place to be is West End Wine Bar in Chapel Hill, no matter what floor you’re on.

Down in The Cellar, the basement bar at 450 W. Franklin, the Soul Deep series rolls on for its third year of “third-Thursdays.” Upstairs, the rooftop bar jumps with DJ beats.

Jermaine Landon – the impresario behind social events Mix-N-Mingle, NB4R, and STIR – hosts another type of social night Thursdays on the Wine Bar’s roof, an event that staff say caters to an older LGBTQ crowd that isn’t a huge fan of the club scene.

DJs still pump out dance beats, for sure, and bartender Rick Forlines said the rooftop event is not exclusively for the gay community. Rather, it offers an alternative for people who’ve outgrown noisy clubs and dance floors.

In any case, the Wine Bar is a place to treat yourself or a friend to vino and an appetizer. Forlines plays DJ as he spins his personal record collection over the main floor’s sound system. And downstairs, The Cellar’s regular bartender, Mo with the ’fro, may just be the coolest barman in Chapel Hill.

When: 10 p.m. Thursday.

Where: West End Wine Bar, 450 W. Franklin St.

Tickets: No cover.


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