Carrboro break-ins raise concern

CorrespondentSeptember 6, 2013 

— A rash of weekend break-ins late last month has some residents keeping a close eye on their property.

The break-ins, more than a dozen, occurred late Aug. 24-25 in and around the Hanford Road area including Oak Glen Place, Waverly Forest Lane, Woods Walk Court, Sudbury Lane and Bel Arbor Lane.

While the criminals mainly targeted vehicles and garages, bicycles, spare change and electronics were taken in the process. In one instance, a vehicle was stolen with the spare key.

In many of the crimes no apparent damage or forced entry could be found.

Carrboro Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Atack said two investigators are working the case due to the number of incidents.

The police said most of the cars were left unlocked.

Doug Kopec came out that Sunday morning to find his garage door open and bikes and beer from the garage refrigerator missing.

He said the door was closed and he is not sure how the thieves got in.

Kopec said some residents in the area who had been victims of break-ins in recent weeks were hit again Aug. 24-25.

According to reports, in some of the crimes, small items like iPods and a tennis racquet were taken. In one incident, a Bible taken from a vehicle was later found under another parked car. It was later returned to the victim.

Kopec said many of his neighbors are now making sure their property is locked up tight.

Recently his high school son’s friends have had bicycles stolen. Kopec’s bikes were found lying in the front yard of a neighbor’s home in which the vehicle was stolen.

The police are recommending that valuables be removed from vehicles when parked and that owners be sure their property is secured.

Atack also recommends that people look at the perimeter lighting of their homes as a deterrent.

“People doing this generally don’t want to walk in well lit areas,” he said.

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