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September 20, 2013 

Team stands by coach

I am a senior member of the varsity baseball team at Chapel Hill High School. I am writing in response to the recent allegations against my baseball coach, Randy Trumbower (CHN, Sept. 8,

As an eyewitness to many of the allegations described by Sean Dawson, I support my coach when he said these allegations are false. These allegations hold no truth. Coach Trumbower is in no way violent. I refer back to the article in which Dawson claimed “the last straw came in April when Trumbower hit him in the catcher’s mask with a fungo bat.” Many players witnessed this event on that day, and Coach Trumbower did not touch Sean.

Coach Trumbower’s firing is unjust, and we, the Chapel Hill High School baseball team, will continue to defend our coach and fight for his fair justice and appropriate due process. We will do all we can possibly do to make this man our head coach once more.

Coach Trumbower is a great man and a great baseball coach and wants the absolute best for all of his players. Not only is he my coach, but he is also my friend, my idol, and my mentor. He has helped me and many others on and off the field. He has inspired my work ethic. He made the game of baseball more enjoyable not only for me, but for each and every one of his players.

Cameron Grant

Chapel Hill

Why not a poll tax?

Regarding the letters comparing requiring voter ID to requiring ID for flying, obtaining a driver’s license, or receiving medical care, I offer a modest proposal in reply.

While these comparators are all optional privileges for which we pay and which require ID for both safety and to ensure accurate billing, the letter writers seem to feel that these should be directly compared to a constitutionally guaranteed right of all citizens, namely the right to vote.

If this is true, then I suggest the N.C. Republican Party go beyond the indirect poll tax imposed by making people pay for birth certificates and other ID needed to obtain the “free” voter ID. Why not impose a direct poll tax? Certainly this would be unconstitutional, but that hasn’t stopped our legislators from proposing a state religion, attempting to ban the rising of the sea, unconstitutionally imposing the indirect poll tax, and abusing the constitutional rights of women, gays, and our children expecting access to quality public education.

If the N.C. Republican Party continues its pattern in this session, I expect this proposal to be swiftly implemented.

Josh Ravitch

Chapel Hill

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