Julie Moore: 15 reasons I’m still in Chapel Hill

September 20, 2013 

Julie Moore


Everyone has a guilty pleasure. What’s mine?


Surely a girl can concentrate on her work for only so long before she needs to amuse herself with “24 Fun Facts about the Movie ‘Ghostbusters’” or “The 15 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Summer.”

Yeah, it’s a giant waste of time – unlike, say, Facebook – but once I get started, it’s dang near impossible to pull myself away from it. I pretty much need the phone to ring or something.

I probably won’t be able to match the website’s style, and since this is print, I can’t insert hilarious GIFs of celebrities rolling their eyes or cats being cats. I can’t even add humorous stills or snaps of handsome men like I can in my blog. Nonetheless, I’m going ahead with my Buzzfeed-ish list, accompanied by suggested visuals.

15 Reasons I’m still in Chapel Hill after graduating in 1984:

My Husband. Full disclosure: I lived in Asheville for about a year – which is a pretty good place if you can’t live here. But love drew me back to our town, and even though I miss the mountains, it was a pretty good move! (Picture wedding photo here.)

Location, location, location! We’re in the center of state … in the center of everything. Just a few hours to the mountains in the west and the beach down east. Right next to Durham, where my mom lives. (cartoon map of North Carolina with icons of landmarks, mountains, beach and a little cartoon of my mom where Durham is.)

It’s gorgeous. (Impressionist-style painting of Old Well among dogwood trees or autumn leaves.)

Wilson Library. As students my friend Alecia and I would play, “If you could live in any building on campus what would it be?” I always chose this stately, gold-domed, marble-encrusted behemoth. Plus it’s full of cool stuff like the North Carolina Collection, the Southern Folklife Collection, the Southern Historical Collection… you know, fascinating swag like that. (photo: just the dome.)

Carolina Inn. A treasure of classic Southern interior design. (hilarious GIF of a cat sliding on the parquet floor of the ballroom)

Forest Theatre . Since I, like Sookie Stackhouse, might have fairy blood … I feel right at home in this sylvan paradise of an amphitheater. (photo: me in my woodland fairy Halloween costume superimposed over a photo of the theater’s stone, tree-surrounded stage.)

K&W. Chapel Hill is a foodie’s paradise, featuring the latest trends and the tried and true. In the latter category, you’ll find K&W cafeteria. It’s delicious, cheap, and it’s the great equalizer. People of all races, creeds and economic levels tuck into hearty portions of “Chicken Francisco” and “New England Dinner.” I’ve eaten there as a student, a struggling professional, and an old married lady. (sped-up GIF of my kid snarfing down a goblet of blue jello)

PTA Thrift Shops. In my younger days, I was always poppin’ tags – twenty dollars in my pocket means a closet full of clothes. Now some other young gal is snapping up my passed on garments. Ahhh … the circle of life … (short clip from the “Thrift Shop” song video)

Time Out. Mmmm … A butter biscuit at 3 in the morning? Yes, please! Maybe a plate of bones, too! (Do they still do that?) One time I ate in a booth next to Alex Chilton in there. (photo of a butter biscuit and a Diet Coke)

CD Alley. I miss browsing through vinyl at Ruthless Records (“like shopping the aisle of a bus!”) and Schoolkids. There aren’t many “record” stores around, but this place offers the same junky, musty, poster-papered mystique. (Photo of CD Alley’s junky, musty, poster-papered interior.)

Tar Heel Town. I’ve got a kid, so I love that before every home football game there’s a mini-carnival on campus with cheerleaders, a marching band, a live ram with blue horns, bounce houses, barbecue and free stuff. (GIF of my kid as a toddler – terrified, but petting Rameses anyway.)

Chapel Hill Transit. Traffic getting you down on a game day? Or ever? Hop on a town bus and come on down! THE BUSES ARE FREE!!! (Photo of the art bus.)

The Cat’s Cradle. This legendary music club has moved around a bit, but ghosties of my past lurk in each location. Even now that I’m old, I still go sometimes, and it’s still a rush to stand right up there at the stage and breathe in the music. (Old photo of me in a sequined dress and Lone Ranger mask at the Cradle, Halloween 1986.)

Chapel Hill Bible Church. Great music, good teaching and gospel-fueled love.

You. Every freakin’ one of you! You’re all completely awesome, and you make this town what it is … home.

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