Your letters, Sept. 22

September 22, 2013 

Aussie may want to make return visit

Mr. McCubbin wrote of the pleasant surprise he has experienced in arriving here from Australia (CHN, Sept. 11). I am glad we have exceeded his expectations. Others have had a more unusual experience.

Once, I was meeting with a grad student who had flown to Chapel Hill from the U.K. and arrived here on Oct. 30. His first day here, the day he set about renting an apartment, opening a bank account and getting all his affairs in order, was Halloween.

Every place he went he encountered adults, not children, dressed in Halloween costumes. There was a sumo wrestler at the bank, a witch at the apartment office, a clown at the book store and Raggedy Ann waited on him at a restaurant.

Mr. McCubbin, we let you off easy! We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Vicki Boyer


Carbon culprit

This summer, after Tropical Storm Andrea hit Chapel Hill, flash flooding ensued. As a student at UNC, I watched for weeks as crews placed industrial-sized fans in classrooms, hoping to prevent water damage.

Chapel Hill wasn’t the only area to experience flash flooding; much of the state experienced these conditions too. After some research, I came across a report that revealed the biggest culprit of flooding: global warming.

The main cause of global warming is carbon pollution. Power plants in North Carolina are the state’s largest single-source of global warming. It’s unnerving that three of the nation’s 50 dirtiest power plants are located right here in North Carolina.

North Carolina has a lot at stake when it comes to global warming. We shouldn’t wait to act on climate change. We need Sen. Hagan and all of our leaders to support rules to clean up pollution from the largest source: power plants.

Abigail Brewer

Chapel Hill

Radiologic regulation

North Carolina is one of only five states in the nation with no licensure or regulatory laws for radiologic technologists. Currently, individuals in the state can perform radiologic procedures without knowledge in medical radiation safety, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, or basic radiologic science physics.

Radiologic technologists are the medical personnel who perform diagnostic imaging examinations and administer radiation therapy treatments. So much depends on the quality of medical imaging examinations and radiation therapy treatments. When properly performed, they give doctors the ability to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. When improperly performed, they are useless and unnecessarily expose the patient to radiation. That’s why it’s important for the health care professionals who perform radiologic procedures to be appropriately educated and trained.

Brenda Greenberg

Chapel Hill

Candy kudos

Kudos to Steve Brantley, Orange County economic development director and his staff, the Orange County commissioners and the folks in Raleigh who all worked together to convince Morinaga, Japan’s largest candy manufacturer, to build a plant here.

Big investment, good jobs, great for tax base and prospects for further growth.

For decades the county’s economic development zones were political scams, marked on zoning maps, touted on the campaign trail but left fallow because of the lack of water and sewer availability. That recently changed, and, lo and behold, good economic development like this announcement quickly followed.

We should have committed infrastructure to those zones years ago, but better late than never.

Mark Zimmerman

Chapel Hill

Making a difference

While many of us were on or preparing for vacation on June 10, a group of 10 young men and two leaders began a bicycle trip across the United States from Havre de Grace, Maryland to Astoria, Ore.

Their trip, while fun and a great learning experience, also had a serious mission: to raise research dollars for UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. They were most successful, surpassing their $30,000 goal by raising almost $35,000.

In addition to supporting research, their efforts will help underwrite the costs for two pediatric cancer patients to attend Victory Junction Camp in Randleman, N.C., a camp for pediatric patients facing challenging illnesses.

These busy young men tackled a rigorous spring training schedule to prepare for the trip, sacrificing precious weekends and summer vacation to complete their cross-country journey. Their successful trip is the longest ever undertaken by a Scout troop. Along the way fellow scouts, families, and strangers fed and housed them and cheered them on their journey.

With much gratitude and admiration, we salute leaders Brian Burnham and Aidan Kelley, and crew members Paris Buedel, Kyle Ferriter, Jack Jansen, Hugh Kelley, Wes Malinchock, Arthur Mouw, DJ Recny, Caleb Roenigk, Miles Rosen, and Holden Selkirk. Thanks to their parents and families who supported them and to the many donors who helped them surpass their fundraising goal.

It means a great deal to our faculty, staff and patients that these remarkable young men took on this challenging trip on their behalf. We know that each cyclist has a family member or friend who has faced a cancer diagnosis, and their commitment to supporting cancer research inspires us all. Thank you so very much for making such a difference

Shelley Earp, M.D.


UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Investing in Israel

With regard to Neil Stahl’s letter, “A One-sided policy,” yes, and the policy is completely justified, and here’s why.

Among the most important assets that Israel provides the U.S. with in return for financial assistance is invaluable intelligence information: As a consequence, Israel has excelled at combating terror like no other nation on Earth.

Israelis have tapped into their greatest and most reliable resource: themselves. In 56 short years, Israel has accomplished what many nations haven’t been able to do in centuries. This attitude has helped to propel Israel to world leadership in the fields of medicine, scientific research and agriculture while their innovative feats confer massive benefits to their economy and to America’s.

Dollar for dollar, Israel gives back to the U.S. far more than other nations, especially Arab states, which receive more or comparable aid (and which consistently vote against us at the U.N.).

Just 60 years after the Holocaust, it’s sad that so many people have forgotten the principal reason why Israel must be defended – this is the only place in the whole world that every Jew can call home, a simple strip of land which comprises about two percent of the Middle East.

Lastly, the proof that the liberal thought with regard to Israel is anti-Semitic, is the way that Israel is held to the double standard of perfection, while its neighbors get away with bloody murder.

Rene Paul de la Varre

Chapel Hill

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