Some hear harsh notes at Carrboro Music Fest

CorrespondentSeptember 24, 2013 

— A downtown bar owner says he was surprised to get a letter dis-inviting him from Sunday’s Music Festival after he participated last year.

“I am not on their official list,” 2nd Wind owner Jerry Glass said. “But do you know what? We’re going to have a daylong celebration of life and music in here, and I’m not excluding anybody.”

The letter came from a recreation supervisor with the town. Glass said he made inquiries to Parks and Rec officers, town officials, the mayor, and got no replies.

Event organizer Gerry Williams declined to comment.

“It’s already been dealt with through the town, and I don’t want to talk about it publicly,” he said. “I’ll talk about anything else other than that.”

Maybe Glass could invite the Late Comers.

The band of Joy Preslar, Allen Mitchell and Steve Moriarty plays gigs around town, including Carrboro Day, but say their audition tapes have not been accepted at the Music Festival since a tiff with some of the current organizers.

“One year, we had a rogue stage, because we had a friend with a yard along the street,” said Moriarty, who used to work as a sound tech at the festival.

Williams, who picks which bands play, countered Preslar’s story.

“It’s just not true that her band never played,” he said. “She hasn’t applied in 10 years. I don’t know why. If she applies, it’s a whole different story.”

2nd Wind, a bar with a stage and plenty of juice for amps, was a venue at last year’s Music Fest, after opening last August. Glass said organizers were coming after him to be a host again, until they rescinded their invitation without warning.

“My policy in here since I opened has been, anyone that wants to come in and play can play,” Glass said.

The bands Henbrain, Pop Vox, John Christie, Butcher and the Tin Men and Leia Gaskin-Sadiku will perform during Glass’ “Carrboro Music Celebration” at 2nd Wind, as he is calling it.

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