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Letters: Trumbower, players were mistreated

October 2, 2013 

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Tiger coaches deserve better

To the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and Chapel Hill High School ( in re: CHHS baseball coaches David Miller and Randy Trumbower, CHN Aug. 29 and Sept. 6) ...

Yet again, I’m ashamed to call myself an alum!

In the six years (2007-2012) of blood, sweat and tears I voluntarily poured into coaching for this program, I saw two of the most committed men to teaching young student-athletes the game of baseball and, more importantly, right from wrong, get outright victimized because of an extremely small number (I can count on one hand the total number against both coaches) of unhappy parents and grotesquely weak administration.

You speak of best interests, yet you appease the few and ignore the many, including your own staff. You speak of leadership, yet you run away at the first sign of adversity, only to take the side opposite your own staff. In all my life experiences, to include leading Marines into harm’s way during five separate combat tours in some of the worst places and situations this world has ever seen, I’m here to tell you that you haven’t the slightest clue of what leadership entails.

My dog in this fight is limited, as my time with Tiger baseball ended last summer due to my military-related commitments, but I simply want to thank you – CHCCS/CHHS administration – for teaching me and others how not to treat coaches, parents, and student-athletes. I only pray that my children are never exposed to this same kind of mistreatment and dishonesty. You’re the definition of appeasement, and not in a good way.

I leave you with this, good luck, because you’re going to need it. No one in their right mind would coach at CHHS knowing that they’re now facing an 0-2 count in the last inning, which is the position you have just put every coach into that you may hire in the future. Tiger coaches deserve better; Tiger parents deserve better, and, more importantly, Tiger student-athletes deserve better.

For love of the game,

Bryan Raitano

(former) CHHS coach Chapel Hill

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