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October 22, 2013 

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Welcome, principal

On a damp Chapel Hill High School homecoming night, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Principal Sulura Jackson.

On the job less than four months, Principal Jackson already refers to students as “my kids,” and speaks unequivocally about advocating for teachers and staff, and pushing for essential repairs to the school building. The bleachers that night were filled with students, alumni, parents, grandparents and siblings, all there to support the football players, the Tiger band, the cheerleaders and the homecoming court. We cheered both teams, who staged a great game filled with exciting plays.

Welcome to Chapel Hill High, Principal Jackson. We’re rooting for you, too.

Meryl Kanfer

Chapel Hill

Tzoumas studies issues

As a parent and lifelong educator, I am a proud supporter of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. I believe our teachers, administrators and community at large work especially hard to provide a high-quality education to the many and varied young people our system is charged with serving.

As we look to build on our success and take things to the next level, I believe school board candidate Ignacio Tzoumas is the right person to lead us forward.

With a vision for maintaining our focus on excellence and equity Mr. Tzoumas’ background in finance and public policy make him a well-rounded candidate. He is an innovative thinker who is deeply committed to studying the issues, and identifying options. Most importantly though, Ignacio is a great listener and in turn a constructive collaborator. Few things are set in his mind until he knows the facts and understands the implications. With his experience growing up in a bi-cultural family, Mr. Tzoumas appreciates the wonders and challenges that come with leadership in a community as richly diverse as ours.

For all of these reasons I hope you’ll join with me in voting for Ignacio Tzoumas on Nov. 5.

Jonathan Charney


Ryan clear thinking

It is my pleasure to write to support my fellow Chapel Hill Planning Board member, Amy Ryan, for a seat on the Town Council of Chapel Hill.

Amy is clear in her thinking, creative and hardworking, always doing her homework and research and not just showing up for meetings.

Besides being a leader, she is a team player and supporter of good process. She asks questions and she listens. She goes the extra mile.

We need her skills on our council.

Please consider voting for her.

You will be doing a favor for all of us who love Chapel Hill.

Suzanne Haff

Chapel Hill

2 sensible candidates

I have seen and heard George Cianciolo and Maria Palmer at the almost all Chapel Hill 2020 meetings I attended. Now I see and hear them again being sensible and open to new ideas at several candidate forums.

Cianciolo has a science background and a broad intelligence to understand practical budgeting. He has good ideas to increase our tax base with more office space and retail.

Palmer has a bilingual background that opens her mind to many different socio-economic groups and minorities. But she does not close her mind to business interests and public-private cooperation that will be good for all.

We are fortunate to have two different, brilliant and grounded candidates to add diversity and innovative suggestions to Chapel Hill Town Council. Both also pay attention to youth. Do get out and vote for them.

Lynne Kane

Chapel Hill

Fresh ideas needed

We have enjoyed living in Chapel Hill for more than 15 years, and have closely followed Town Council affairs.

It seems to us that the council needs new members with fresh ideas to help our town grow in a smart way.

We are convinced that the two candidates who can best bring smart growth, good sense about business and sound budgeting are George Cianciolo and Maria Palmer. They will add maturity, a history of public service and diversity.

Join us in voting for George Cianciolo and Maria Palmer for Town Council.

Carol and Victor Minton

Chapel Hill

More business, better

At last week’s meeting, the Orange County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing on economic development incentives for the recruitment of Morinaga America Foods, Inc. We are another step closer to having this company locate here. Thank you to all involved for bringing business to Orange County.

I live, work and shop in the greater Orange County community. My home is in rural Orange and my office is in historic Hillsborough. As a longtime dweller in this place – and I have no plans to leave – I advocate that we see ourselves as one county and do more to support economic development. We’re in this together.

Whether it be in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough or our little slice of Mebane, more business means we can offer more jobs here at home. More business means we can do more to improve our schools and do more for emergency management services, social services, libraries and the like. More business means we can have homes that are affordable – really affordable.

Throughout our county, there are those who lack heat and food, those who cannot read or do not have transportation to their child’s school, those who are physically or mentally ill yet receive no treatment.

Yet, we also have in our borders a great public university and hospital, a stellar community college campus, two fantastic K-12 school systems, an eager and socially-responsible business community, and dedicated elected officials and government employees. In other words, we’re smart and passionate enough to figure this out. Economic development is a social justice issue. I ask my fellow citizens to thank those in bringing business to throughout the Orange County and rally around economic development as one way to keep our community healthy and thriving.

Libbie Hough


Great library site

I’m writing in response to the recent news relayed in your story “County will study 3 Carrboro library sites,” in which it was revealed that the Orange County commissioners are now heavily considering the urban 120 Brewer Lane site. This is great news, and relieving as I sat in the Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting last spring when it seemed that the county would only consider the more suburban location out on Hillsborough Road.

I think it’s extremely important that any future Carrboro library be urban, where it can contribute to the vibrancy of downtown, be accessible to ALL patrons (not just ones with cars), and increase commerce in neighboring businesses. What better place for a library (a public service) than one that is easily walk-, bus-, park- and bikeable?

I hope most other Carrboro and Chapel Hill residents will feel similarly. If you do, please do as I’ve done and write the Orange County commissioners and thank them for heeding Carrboro’s recommendations and considering the urban location. If they see that people are happy with the change of track, they’ll be more likely to give us what we want.

Blake Rosser


Ryan sound, rational

I have had the pleasure to work with Amy Ryan on the Chapel Hill Planning Board for over a year. She has a strong interest in moving Chapel Hill forward, while maintaining many of its attractive existing characteristics.

Amy employs sound and rational decision-making based on excellent preparation and very useful and related comments and questioning. She believes in citizen input before decisions are made regarding the future of Chapel Hill.

As change is inevitable, Amy wants to make change work for Chapel Hill and its citizens. Help make Chapel Hill an even better town to live in, vote Amy Ryan for Town Council.

Neal Bench

Chapel Hill

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