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October 25, 2013 

Brownstein impresses

Last year, I approached Michelle Brownstein, the chair of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board, with concerns about my child’s school experience.

I was very impressed by how approachable she was, her concern for the issues, and her commitment to the overall well-being of the students. She also advised on the appropriate protocol to follow.

I have seen firsthand that she is a strong advocate of high academic standards for our schools. Our community will be well served by her re-election.

Dr. Anil Shivdasani

Chapel Hill

4 hard workers

Please join me to vote for Mark Kleinschmidt for mayor of Chapel Hill, and Sally Greene, Ed Harrison and George Cianciolo for Town Council. These hardworking, clear thinkers have served the town well and will continue to do so.

My fourth choice will come from Loren Hintz, Amy Ryan and Maria Palmer. I believe the race for the fourth council seat will be very close, since each of these three has received exactly one endorsement from the two major endorsers so far, the Indy and the Sierra Club.

I thank all the candidates for their efforts.

Joe Capowski

Chapel Hill

Greene well-informed

I first met Sally Greene when she was stepping down from the Planning Board, where she had been a respected and diligent member, to run for the Chapel Hill Town Council. We discovered we were neighbors and that my husband walked by her home to and from the medical campus daily.

Since that time over a decade ago, I have known Sally to be a thoughtful, astute, clear-speaking person who listens to all no matter where in town or the extra territorial jurisdiction they live. She researches each issue and could not be a better advocate for the citizens of Chapel Hill and their neighbors in the ETJ when complicated issues of development rise.

Her experience on the planning board makes her a particularly informed council member on these development issues.

I strongly recommend Sally Greene be re-elected to the Town Council.

Karyn Traut

Chapel Hill

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