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November 5, 2013 

Leaf blowers are too loud

I live a neighborhood with people who like to use landscape companies using unnecessarily loud equipment that drives me out of the yard and into the house.

It is so loud I can’t hear my dog bark who is 10 feet from me; mid-task at painting, it is not that I can go into the house to get my ear blockers, either. I am trapped, unprotected, from equipment that is less than 30 feet away that, according to OSHA standards, the operators are supposed to use ear protection for. I have to shut all of my windows on a nice day, and even with the windows closed, my teacups are rattling and I can’t hear the radio.

I walked over to the operators and said their equipment is too loud. I called the police, getting oil paint on my phone doing so. The police tell me that the Chapel Hill noise ordinance has no power to stop people from using noisy equipment that is the industry standard. I suppose if it was the new industry standard to use an airplane jet engine, we would be powerless to stop them from operating their equipment?

There is quieter equipment on the market. There is, of course, the old-fashioned rake, which actually works better in some situations, like with damp leaves. They do not have to use the gas backpack leaf blowers designed for large parking lots on a tiny grass plot, or someone’s driveway. A rake or electric homeowner leaf blower is adequate for the task and does better at letting the birds and neighbor gardeners remain in area.

As a handy homeowner who sometimes operates saws and compressors, I am not asking for complete quiet. I am asking for a reasonable, manageable level of noise that doesn’t require the people next door to put on hearing protection.

Please do something about this, Chapel Hill. Industrial back-pack leaf blowers, many of which are louder the older they get, are ruining outdoor living in Chapel Hill.

Sarah K. McIntee

Chapel Hill

Touched by tribute

I am appealing to you to help me thank the participants and organizers who paid tribute to my brother, Raymond de Friess on Friday, Nov. 1.

In honor of his 40 years of volunteer and provider service work, members of the local police, fire departments and rescue squads organized a funeral procession that shut down Franklin Street and carried him to Cane Creek Baptist Church.

I am proud that my brother was so respected and loved! I am proud that people in these North Carolina communities coordinated such a wonderful tribute. I want them to know it was appreciated by his family. Never in my life have I seen anything like it.

Thank you all!

Fran and David Fier

Taunton, Minn.

More hot lunches

I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all who came out and supported the 2nd annual Chapel Hill-Carrboro Meals on Wheels Food Truck Rodeo in September.

Thanks to the efforts of over 60 volunteers, the donations made by many local merchants and the support of local food truck owners, 1,800 hot lunches will be delivered to the homes of elderly and disabled residents of southern Orange County.

Delicious food and drink, live music, kids’ activities and wonderful company was enjoyed by all at the Carrboro Town Commons! We would like to thank our sponsor, Morgan Creek Capital Management. Thanks also to Baguettaboutit, Brueggers Bagels, Captain Ponchos, MamaDukes, Olde NorthState, Only Burger, Parlez Vous Crepe, Pie Pushers, Steel String Brewery, Sympathy for the Deli and TarHeel Creamery for the enticing food and drink and donations of 10 percent of proceeds. Bolin Creek String Band and Larson Jazz Trio donated their time and talent. The complete list of merchants who donated to our silent auction is on our website You can also find information there on how to bid on UNC/Duke men’s basketball tickets or to make a donation.

It’s nice to celebrate a successful event and feel the support of the community, but we have so much more to do. In 2013, CHC MOW almost doubled the geographic area it serves with deliveries going out to the Alamance County line and so we are in need of volunteers to deliver meals, help with events and to serve on our Board of Directors. Check out our website at or call 919-942-2948 to see how you can help!

Lenore Martin

Board of directors

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Meals on Wheels

2 youth meetings

The most under-served citizenry, the youth of our community, are finally being recognized by our voted officials in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Hoping to bring this very deserving issue to the attention of the public, Chapel Hill Mayor Kleinshmidt, has initiated CH4Youth, a program consisting of four meetings. Two of these meetings were held on Oct. 24 and Oct. 30, when the mayor, Parks and Recreation staff and youth advocates met and focused upon the initiatives required to benefit the needs of our youth, ages 13-18.

Two meetings will be held at the Chapel Hill Public Library, from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, and from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13. Both these meetings are open to the public for input and participation on the very important issue of creating sites that will create a safe, relaxing social environment for programming, a game room and activities involving art and music, as well as offering services such as counseling and job placement.

This past June, Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton and the Board of Aldermen, voted to help with establishing a site. Collaboration between both communities is inspiring.

Our children are our most precious commodity. And yet our adolescents needs are frequently overlooked. Let our community be in the forefront of recognizing the potential of our youth and offer them the skills and tools to become productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Community involvement and public support is of the utmost importance!

Elaine Jerome


Teen Support Coalition/Youth Community Project

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