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On Facebook: ‘Tough truths,” a new representative, and a goat

November 12, 2013 

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• On Alan Scher Zagier’s Associated Press story on university leaders downsizing and this quote from former UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp (alluding to the notion that at UNC, the quest for success in athletics would never compromise academic standards): “In some ways, I was as much a part of this as anybody, protecting people from some of the tough truths about college sports.” (See story at bit.ly/Hr1KgC)

Myra Dotson: These “activities surrounding athletics” were going on when I came to Chapel Hill in ’72. They are like Chicago politics – “it is how it has always been done” – so it is accepted and overlooked.

Mary Parker Sonis: I hope Holden Thorp thrives in his new position. The poor man stepped into a hornet’s nest here, and it wasn’t of his making.

Philip Cohen: You know what would have been an ideal time to do something about those “tough truths”? When he was at UNC.

Patricia Bartlett: Honestly we don’t want to know the extent of it. But it is truly horrible and does not do a service to the kids who think they will make it when less than 10 percent do. And what do they graduate with? Or not graduate with … Nada.

• On our story on Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools educator Graig Meyer being picked to fill State Sen. Valerie Foushee’s vacant House District 50 seat. (See story at bit.ly/19b2f4D).

Chris Weaver: Fantastic … a person with apparently ZERO experience in the private sector. … There is a growing idea that the mechanism of Government is too complex for the average citizen. The intricacies of Governance are too esoteric for the regular people to attempt to undertake. This idea yields entrenched bureaucrats who are consistently promoted and championed by other bureaucrats and media. I would suggest that if we had more representation that derived their experience from being under the thumb of bureaucracy instead of being the thumb, we would have better government.

Steve Harrison: (in response to Weaver) I’d take one Graig Meyer over fifty of your private sector heroes, who usually only serve in office long enough to get something rezoned so they can slap together some houses and make a few million. Graig is a good man and a friend, and you do him a disservice with your little rant.

Terri Buckner: We’ve seen what happens when a group of individuals who have no experience with education start making decisions about schools, so I think it’s good to have a mix of skills and qualifications in the legislature. Congratulations to Craig.

• And Triangle Renaissance man Derrick Ivey’s debut My View column about the death of Lula, one of the original goats on his Chatham County farm drew this comment from a fellow columnist. (See column at bit.ly/HOyfpB)

Mark Zimmerman: “She was a good goat.” Great line.

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