Football Focus

December 2, 2013 

Football Focus

Cold Comfort

Southern Durham won its third-round playoff game last week, but something was definitely lost. The fresh fried fish, so often found at the excellent Southern concession stand, was missing, much to the disappointment of many fans.

People were three and four abreast in a line snaking more than 50 feet from the concession stand, most of them waiting for hot chocolate. They would have accepted hot milk. Heck, they'd have taken a cup of hot water with a lemon peel and paid $3 for it, happily. Anything warm was welcome.

Material superiority

Orange had one advantage last Friday at Southern Durham. The Panthers had two torpedo heat blowers going full blast, one on either end of the bench area, while Southern had just one working. (Somehow, the home crew had failed to provide enough power for their sideline.)

Immediately at game’s end, before celebrating Southern’s win, one coach turned to a manager, pointed at the idle blower and yelled, “Next week, can we please bring enough power cords?”

Duck Dynasty chic

In addition to their usual orange and white, many of Orange High’s players last Friday were wearing wooded-camouflage leggings or long-sleeved shirts under their uniforms. And a large number of the fans were wearing some combination of the same: hunters’ blaze orange with camo jackets, pants or caps. It all made sense on such a cold night, given the number of hunters in the school’s population, and because hunting gear can be some of the warmest apparel available.

Suited up

Former East Chapel Hill players Jackson Boyer and Alex Moore were dressed out for the Tar Heels last weekend in the annual Carolina-Duke football game.

Their appearance indicates the level of respect they’ve earned while playing on the scout team, football’s version of an “aggressor squadron,” which plays the role of an upcoming opponent in practices. Earlier this year, Boyer was given the honor of leading the team onto the field while carrying the American flag.

They also gave East Chapel Hill three alumni on the UNC team. East alum Thomas Moore missed a 42-yard field goal but nailed a 37-yarder, kicked two extra-points and caught a pass from holder Tommy Hibbard for a two-point conversion.

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