Roses and raspberries, Dec. 4

December 3, 2013 

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Roses to Phi Delta Theta fraternity for donating an EZ Child ID System to the Chapel Hill Police Department.

The system allows the police department to provide parents, free of charge, with a CD and printout containing their child’s fingerprints, photograph and other vital information to be used in the event that their child ever is missing.

“ID kits have been used for years and they provide local police departments with both a good record, should a child ever go missing, as well as providing an opportunity for officers to talk to parents and their children about ways to stay safe,” says Police Chief Chris Blue.

Phi Delta Theta was founded at the University of Miami, Ohio, in 1848 and came to UNC in 1885.

Roses from reader Ray Lovinggood of Carrboro to all that were involved in designing and constructing the bike parking for the renovated Chapel Hill Public Library.

“I visited the library this past Monday evening and was surprised to find the bike parking on level ground and with a roof and lights overhead,” he writes. “There are inverted ‘U’ racks for 24 bikes. Take a look next time you stop by the library and see a great example on how to design, site and construct quality bike parking.”

The Chapel Hill Public Library reopened April 10, 2013, after a $16.2 million renovation. New and improved features of the 63,000-square-foot library include a bigger Youth Services Library, new Teen Room, Digital Media Lab and Mobile Computer Lab.

Roses from reader Sharon Rourke, a student at East Chapel Hill High to the school’s field hockey team, but not just for winning the state championship.

“The girls on the team have proven themselves as mature, compassionate young ladies by cracking down on hate speech against homosexual people at their school,” she writes. “As a student at East High School, I’ve always been bothered when classmates use gay slurs or harass other homosexual students. They have especially dedicated time to reducing the prevalence of the term ‘that’s so gay’ or describing things as ‘gay’ among East students.

“The ladies on the East field hockey team have made a point of advocating for those at our school who sometimes are unable to speak up for themselves. I speak for many when I say that they have made us all feel very comfortable and at home among our classmates.

“The field hockey team is representing themselves in a very classy manner by promoting gay rights. Thank you, girls!”

Roses from reader and mom Liz Gray of Carrboro to the UNC students and professors who volunteered their time at the 2013 FEMMES (Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science) camp on Saturday, Nov. 16.

“One hundred seventy girls in fourth through sixth grades participated in engaging hands-on activities and experiments in a fun and supportive environment,” she writes. “They interacted with women currently studying or working in the fields of science, math and engineering, getting a clear, though unspoken, demonstration that women can excel in these areas.”

“Most important, the girls came away excited about what they had learned, and with a healthy dose of confidence in their own abilities and potential.”

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