Roses and raspberries, Dec. 18

December 18, 2013 

Roses to the Village Pediatrics staff, parents and children for pooling their dollars to provide life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries.

Roses also to Vaccine Ambassadors founders Jackie Kaufman, Jacob Lohr and Eric Montross for stepping up to fill a pressing global need.

Doctors' offices participating in the Vaccine Ambassadors program ask parents to register their children when they get vaccinated. On the child's future visits, the parent is billed an extra $2, which buys four vaccines. The Vaccine Ambassadors program works in partnership with the international Pan American Health Organization.

Local families have donated enough money since September to buy 6,000 vaccines for children in poverty-stricken Haiti, Dr. Kim Gush said.

Kaufman said they would like to talk with more doctors about participating. To help, contact her at 919-619-7766 or email

Roses to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen for voting to fill its vacant seat by a vote of the people, instead of a vote of the people on the dais.

The board had a decision to make last week when it discussed how to fill the seat vacated by Lydia Lavelle, who became mayor. It could appoint someone to finish her term, sacrificing participatory democracy expedience, or it could hold off until the May primary and add one more contest to town residents’ ballot.

The aldermen voted 4-2 to go with the election.

It’s noteworthy that no one ran against Lavelle, and no one challenged Damon Seils, when the then Planning Board member ran for the board’s last vacant seat. That could be a sign of general approval of how things are going in the town of 20,000 people, which we think it is.

But it could also be a sign that those outside the halls of decision making don’t have a chance, so why bother? And that’s a risk, misperceived or otherwise, that no local government should take.

Roses from April Ross, the athletic director at Carrboor High School, to the many community supporters of the Dante 5K fundraiser on Saturday Dec. 7.

“It was a tremendous success!” she writes. “We raised over $9,100 to offset medical expenses for Dante’s treatment of lymphoma. Special thank you to our sponsors: Carrboro Athletic Booster Club, Fleet Feet, AMGC Sports, owner Mike Carpenter, Try Sports, and Chapel Hill Chick-fil-A. This event could not have happened without the contributions of Coach Mimi O’Grady, event manager; Coach DeWitt Driscoll, Coach Jim Tignor, Coach Matt Dorn, Jaguar Women’s Basketball Team, Madeline Blobe, Linda Foy, Chrishelle Morken, Nancy Havill, Suzi Wilson, Tony Smith, Bill Riggs, Ellen Junker, Matthew Junker and many more!

“We are proud of our Jaguar Community for stepping up to make this event a huge success,” Ross continues. “Best wishes to Dante as he recovers and returns to the Jaguar Family. Go Jags!”

Roses from Jean McDonald, the school nurse at Phoenix Academy to Solange Bruxvoot and Julie Crowe at Charles Schwab for hosting students and staff from Phoenix Academy High School for a screening of “Girl Rising,” a documentary that tells the stories of nine girls from all over the world who have to overcome wrenching obstacles to secure education and find better lives for themselves.

“Not only did theses stories serve as touching inspiration for the Phoenix students, the personal encouragement given by Solange and Julie reinforced to the girls in attendance the importance of their own education,” McDonald writes. “This generous opportunity, which included lunch, also reminded our students how much the greater community is invested and confident in their academic success.”

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