Patricia Ann Sullivan Teague

March 16, 2014 

Patricia Ann Sullivan Teague, a former resident of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Ridgeville, Indiana; Shelton, Nebraska and ultimately, Frisco, Texas, was born on Halloween. She loved to tell people the day of her birth. Pat - no one called her Patricia- liked to talk but generally she preferred to listen. Pat - also known as “Patty” and “Sparky” to her husband, Ed, could get on a plane or a train and three or six hours later she would know everything there was to know about the person who happened to be sitting next to her. She might even become their pen pal.

Pat Teague loved stories- both real and imagined. She loved books. And she loved children. She taught second grade for many years and she remained a school teacher at heart, long after she had retired. She was “Aunt Pat” to children, most of whom she was not actually related to but with whom she had forged a bond. She sent them cards and stickers and books.(The Velveteen Rabbit appeared more than once.)

Pat Teague loved dogs as well and there wasn’t a dog that didn’t love her back. Maybe it was because she was so friendly and small that both children and dogs seemed to feel safe in her presence.

Patricia Anne Sullivan was born in Shelton, Nebraska on Oct 31, 1928 and she died in Frisco, Texas on February 24, 2014. She was a graduate of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill as was her husband, Hal Edward Teague. They met in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where her mother Bernadine Sullivan lived and taught high school English for many years. Pat Teague leaves behind her husband, Ed, to whom she was married for almost 58 years, her daughter Lettie and her husband Roger, her daughter Arian and her husband Joe and her grandchildren Logan and Annabelle, to whom she was especially devoted, as well as her step-grandchildren Joseph, Meredith and Kenny and all the many others who count themselves lucky to have known her- even if it was just for a few hours while sitting on a plane.

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