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    Mary Sonis: Meet the new Bolin Creek beavers

    It has been eight years since I first observed the beavers that call Bolin Creek home. For six of those years, I observed a mated pair with all their tiny kits born each May, along with a variety of older siblings who acted as baby sitters for their younger siblings.


    Carol Henderson: A final swim

    The retreat group was packing up on Sunday – beach rental check out time: 1 pm.


    Julie Moore: Out of memory

    Every year when my June birthday rolls around, it seems imperative that I write something about aging. Because I am. And I’m constantly noticing changes – some huge, some subtle – taking place in my body and mind. For instance, I am having more and more trouble remembering stuff...


    Blair L. Pollock: Breadmen’s: 40 years of feeding people

    “My memory of Breadmen’s is those very late nights where you went in and could see EVERYONE in the place – cooks, waits and all clients – in that surround as I remember the old location (a failed former Burger Chef) and that everyone seemed to be as stoned (and hungry...


    Derrick Ivey: Noise in the night

    Our youngest cat, Edgar, didn’t come in with the others. So I left the porch light on and decided to stay up and keep an eye out for him while continuing to re-read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” late into the night.


    Lynden Harris: Come Imagine with us

    Is this what happens when we hang out with difference? One can only hope so. Moral imperative or pragmatic requirement for survival, we’re called every day to erase old boundaries and venture together into a new mutual frontier.


    Mary Sonis: Muskrat love: An expose

    I understand anthropomorphic sentiments in song, but muskrats? And why on Earth would anyone think that the Queen of England wanted to hear a song about muskrat sex?


    Michele Tracy Berger: Angelou,a creative late-bloomer

    Like many other people, for the last several weeks, I have been remembering Maya Angelou and mourning the loss of such a tremendous creative force.


    Carol Henderson: Plans gone awry

    As soon as I knew my daughter was pregnant, I blocked out two weeks around her due date. Workshops and clients filled in around the white space marked “baby.”


    Mark Zimmerman: The 1 percent non-solution

    Interim Orange County Manager Michael Talbert deserves kudos for doing something public officials have too often avoided – stating the obvious.

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