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    Your letters, July 27

    We have much evidence from other countries that a wide socioeconomic gap creates a dangerous instability and can wreak havoc in the society.


    Derrick Ivey: Thursday is Egg Day

    I collect eggs from our little flock of hens throughout the week and store them in the refrigerator out in the garage.


    Roger Waldon: A rebuttal – We do it right

    One of the many reasons I love Chapel Hill is our robust community dialogue: everyone here has opportunity to voice an opinion, and all opinions are respected and considered as community decisions are made. There is a strong participatory ethic here.


    Roses and raspberries, July 23

    Raspberries – and you could see these coming – to Colonial Inn owner Francis Henry who has let a Hillsborough and Orange County landmark decay and now wants to demolish it altogether.


    Mary Sonis: Meet the new Bolin Creek beavers

    It has been eight years since I first observed the beavers that call Bolin Creek home. For six of those years, I observed a mated pair with all their tiny kits born each May, along with a variety of older siblings who acted as baby sitters for their younger siblings.


    Jamie Rohe: Give strategically to end homelessness

    Have you ever had a volunteer experience where you felt uncomfortable in your role as “giver” or wondered what impact you were having on the lives of those you were “helping”?


    Your letters, July 23

    Editor’s note: Those new big, blue recycling bins brought out a torrent of reader response. Here is a sampling from our letters, online story comments and posts to editor Mark Schultz’s Facebook page.


    Duncan Shaw: Make time for the Great Books

    In preparation for submitting information on an application for a new job, I recently reviewed my college transcript.


    Your letters, July 20

    On behalf of El Centro Hispano we would like to thank everyone who came out for El Centro Hispano’s first annual Latin America Festival on June 8 in Carrboro.


    Your letters, July 16

    A sign on the wall in UNC Hospitals’ Emergency Room says conversations between physicians and patients are private. But putting up a sign doesn’t make it so.

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